Decklar Restarts Oil Production From OZA-1 Well Onshore Nigeria

Decklar and its co-venturer have received the permits required to resume production from the Oza-1 well at the Oza Oil Field. Production from the well has begun at low volumes initially to reestablish oil flow, with volumes to be increased steadily in order to establish a long-term sustainable rate. Production of crude oil from the Oza-1 well will flow into storage tanks at the Oza Oil Field and then be delivered by truck to the Umugini Pipeline Infrastructure Limited crude handling facilities.

“The resumption of production from the Oza-1 well is the first step to get Decklar back on track with plans to continue delivering oil and working to improve logistics and increase oil deliveries in the near future. Delays were experienced obtaining permits needed to restart the Oza-1 well, but operations have now resumed, and oil is being produced into onsite storage tanks.

Decklar looks forward positively to future development and drilling activities at the Oza Field and continued progress on development activities at the Company’s other fields.” Duncan Blount, CEO of Decklar Resources, said.

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