Valaris Limited said that it has been awarded a four-well contract with BP offshore Mauritania and Senegal for drillship, VALARIS DS-12. The contract is expected to commence in the first quarter of 2022 with an estimated duration of 285 days.

The above contract is coming barely weeks of ARO Drilling’s contract with Aramco has been extended for the same period.

Valaris has announced   that it has been awarded a 200-day extension to its bareboat charter agreement with ARO Drilling for VALARIS JU-250 (Bob Palmer), a heavy-duty ultra-harsh environment jackup. The extension is in direct continuation of the existing contract and, as a result, the VALARIS JU-250 is now expected to be under contract through the end of 2021.

Mauritania and Senegal is so attractive to BP First, owning to vast gas reserves with portfolio and providence of supplies for domestic and export markets. Secondly, it is precisely the kind of gas province that BP want to invest in. It is long-term. It is large-scale. And it is highly competitive.

The Tortue field is estimated to contain more than 15 trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas. The total acreage, which is bigger than the Greater Houston area, at 33,000 square kilometres, could contain a further 50 trillion cubic feet. To put this in perspective, 50 tcf is all of Africa’s current gas production for almost 7 years.

 ‘it is also innovative. We are embarking on a novel partnership with Kosmos that is designed to make the most of our respective experience and expertise. We bring together Kosmos’s deep knowledge of exploration and of this region, with BP’s experience in deep-water project management, sub-sea engineering, and liquefied natural gas – LNG – development and marketing,” BP said.

Tortue gas field project involves producing vast volumes of gas situated in very deep water – around 2700m depth – and moving that gas along more than 100 kilometres of flowlines to a modular floating LNG production system. The LNG production modules are expected to be situated at a newly built breakwater and expanded as required over time. Tortue is expected to see its first gas in 2021.

 Valaris Limited is the industry leader in offshore drilling services across all water depths and geographies. Operating a high-quality rig fleet of ultra-deepwater drillships, versatile semisubmersibles and modern shallow-water jackups, Valaris has experience operating in nearly every major offshore basin. Valaris maintains an unwavering commitment to safety, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction, with a focus on technology and innovation. Valaris Limited is a Bermuda exempted company (Bermuda No. 56245).

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