The West Africa Energy Summit is proud to announce that Ms. Maggy Shino, Petroleum Commissioner of Namibia, will be presenting never-before-seen insights on the Luderitz Basin at this year’s event. The session will be hosted by the Petroleum Commission of Namibia and their leadership including Ms. Maggy Shino. The Petroleum Commissioners presentation will showcase the immense potential of this region, building on the success of world-class discoveries in the Orange Basin.

With renowned discoveries such as Shells Graff 1, TotalEnergies Venus, and Galp PEL 83, the Orange Basin has firmly positioned Namibia at the forefront of the African upstream narrative. Now, attention is turning to the Luderitz Basin, and the Petroleum Commission is eager to share new opportunities with operators and explorationists seeking to partner with Namibia at the West African Energy Summit.

Mr Hyland, COO of West Africa Energy Summit set out his intentions for the attendance of Namibia”As a leading player in the energy sector, OGV Group is thrilled by the monumental discovery in the Orange Basin. This discovery not only underscores the immense potential of the region but also sets the stage for unprecedented investment opportunities in Namibia’s Luderitz Basin. At OGV Group, we recognize the significance of this discovery and are committed to supporting and facilitating investment in Namibia’s burgeoning energy industry. We believe that the Venus discovery will catalyze economic growth, create jobs, and propel Namibia to the forefront of the global energy landscape”.

The insights presented by Ms. Shino will provide invaluable geological and technical information, offering attendees a unique opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of the Luderitz Basin’s prospectivity and regulatory frameworks. Operators and explorationists looking to explore market entry into this promising region are urged to attend the West Africa Energy Summit 2024 in Accra.

“We are delighted to welcome Ms. Maggy Shino to the West Africa Energy Summit,” said Dan Hyland, COO of OGV Group and the West Africa Energy Summit. “Ms. Shino`s presentation promises to offer unparalleled insights into the Luderitz Basin, further solidifying Namibia’s position as a key player in the African upstream sector.”

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to engage with Ms. Maggy Shino and explore the untapped potential of the Luderitz Basin.

Join us at the West Africa Energy Summit 2024 to be held in Accra.

About the West Africa Energy Summit: The West Africa Energy Summit is a premier event that brings together industry leaders, policymakers, and stakeholders to discuss key challenges and opportunities in the energy sector across West Africa. Organized annually, the Summit serves as a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration to drive sustainable growth and development in the region.

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