Algeria has commissioned the Kasdir-Beni-Saf gas pipeline extension project. The event was performed by the country’s Petroleum minister Mohamed Arkab who stated that the pipeline is likely to strengthen Algeria’s place in the field of marketing and increase natural gas exports to Europe.

The expansion is carried out by expanding the compression station in Beni Saf as the operation of this gas pipeline represents the second phase of the MEDGAZ gas pipeline to Spain which was brought about by the increased demand for Algerian gas to Europe and ensuring steady gas supply to the local market.

“We are currently working to support Algerian capacities and skills specialized in the energy field in the realization of projects requiring the use of advanced technologies,” stated the Minister.

Medgaz S.A. gas pipeline expansion will increase natural gas transport capacity between Beni Saf, in Algeria, and Almería, in Spain to 10.000 million cubic meters per year with regard to the current 8.000 million.

The Medgaz pipeline, being a direct route, is the most advantageous in terms of cost for natural gas supply to the south of Europe. The expansion is very favorable in terms of ratio between additional capacity and corresponding investment.

The project with an estimated investment ascends to 68 million euros Involved the installation of a fourth turbocompressor at the Medgaz facilities in Beni Saf (Algeria).

Medgaz operates the Algeria – Europe submarine pipeline, via Spain, supplying natural gas directly from Beni Saf, on the Algerian coast, and Almería, on the Spanish coast. Since its launch in April 2011, Medgaz has completed eight years and a half of uninterrupted operation, having been established as one of the most important entrances to the Spanish gas

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