The British company BW Energy with major E&P asset in Gabon has in recent months increased its oil production on the Hibiscus/Ruche field in Gabon. The significant crude oil production increase is attributed to the start-up of the “Mabomo” mobile production unit with MOBOMO meaning wealth in a Gabonese language.

The oil production enhancement unit which was bought in from Dubai in 2022 was said by the company to have within two months increased output by 7,000bpd. The announcement was made by the president -CEO of the company, Lin G Espey, during a recent audience with the Minister of Petroleum, Vincent de Paul Massassa.

“In two months, it added 7,500 barrels to BW Energy’s daily production, increasing it to 16,000 barrels / day.This production should increase further in the coming months. In December 2023 we will reach 40,000 barrels/day,”  the president -CEO of the company, Lin G Espey, said.

The Gabonese Minister of Petroleum who expressed overwhelmed pleasure for this singular feat from BW Energy, said that it will subsequently encourage oil production in the country which will invariably improve the economic values of the Gabon via additional earnings from crude oil sales to global community.

 “The revelation of 7,500 barrels of oil per day is a balm here because it will now lead us to more appraisal drilling, production. We will no longer be in the actual exploration phase. We are now entering the operational phase. And that gives volumes and additional revenue for the Republic , ”underlines Vincent de Paul Massassa.

The “Mabomo” mobile oil production unit is the result of a partnership between a group of contactors (BW Energy, Gabon Oil, Panoro Energy) and the Gabonese State through the exploration and production sharing contract called “Dusafu Marin No. G4-209”. According to this contract, Gabon Oil Company, a public entity, is entitled to 10% of the production in the fields exploited and the rest goes to the company BW Energy based in Bermuda (United Kingdom) and Panoro Energy based in Norway.

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