Assala Energy, the Gabonese subsidiary of the American The Carlyle Group, announces new investments at the Gamba site located in the province of Ogooué-Maritime.

“Our 14 million USD (7.52 billion FCFA) electric gas compressor project in Gamba is on track. It will support future development in the field, improving oil recovery, improving energy and cost efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint  , ”we learn from the company.

It thus indicates its ambition to boost its performance by reducing its carbon footprint (greenhouse gas emissions) with the introduction of an electric gas compressor that pollutes less than mechanical compressors. This new investment from Assala could also allow the oil company to operate more than 30% of the oil and gas it already exports to Gabon.

For the moment, the subsidiary of the American The Carlyle Group is officially considered as the second largest oil producer in Gabon after the Franco-British Perenco. The company operates five permits there (Rabi Kounga II, Toucan II, Bende M’Bassou Totou II, Koula / Damier and Gamba / Ivinga) and has interests in four other permits which it operates as a subcontractor: Atora, Avocette , Coucal, and Tsiengui.

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