The Czech Republic wants to invest in Gabon in the oil and gas sectors. This is what emerges from the exchanges between the Czech Secretary of State, Miloslav Stasek and the Gabonese Minister of Oil and Gas, Vincent De Paul Massassa, on June 22, 2022 in Libreville.

“  The Czech Republic is present in Gabon in particular with a contract concluded with Sgepp (Gabonese company for the storage of petroleum products). And in the diversification in terms of expanding the gas portfolio in Gabon, the Czech Republic, through Sgepp, is called upon to play an even more important role  ,” declared Vincent de Paul Massassa.

To the Czech State Secretary, the member of the government presented the country’s business opportunities in the upstream oil sector. He notably recalled the 12th call for tenders on the sale of blocks that Gabon has just concluded “and for which there is room for over-the-counter negotiations; but also at the level of Sogara (Gabonese Refining Company) and GOC (Gabon Oil Company)” , insisted the Minister of Petroleum.

For Miloslav Stasek, Gabon is a country rich in natural resources. “ The Czech Republic in the current context is dependent on energy imports. That said, our country also represents many of the cutting-edge technologies that can inspire Gabon. In other words, our talks and our cooperation prove to be important for you and for us, I hope  ,” commented the State Secretary of the Czech Republic. And to continue Gabon is an extremely important country for us. We hope to establish a strategic partnership, so that it becomes the first African country for us, in terms of strategic cooperation in addition to that which already exists, such as education, tourism. There are a lot of opportunities, and we hope that our exchanges will materialize ”.

The Czech Republic is also present in Gabon in the areas of defence, health and mining. This central European country is also exploring opportunities to invest in the infrastructure sectors and even in ecology.

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