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Beach Energy is now expected to begin its exploration and development drilling campaign offshore Australia, using Diamond Offshore semisub Ocean Onyx, around February 2021. The campaign will keep the rig busy until 2022 with three one-well options also available thereafter. 

Serica Energy reports that offshore operations at its UK Rhum field, R3 Intervention Project using Awilco Drilling semisub WilPhoenix, have been slower than had been anticipated due mainly to two factors. Poor weather conditions have resulted in approximately 11 days of weather-related downtime and the resolution of a technical problem with rig equipment has led to a further 28 days of downtime. As a result, rig operations will not be completed before late January 2021. Serica and its partners have some financial protection against the effects of both weather and rig-related downtime. During periods of inactivity due to weather the ‘day-rate’ paid for the rig is reduced and for periods of rig downtime longer than 24 hours no day-rate is payable. Despite this, it is anticipated that the Serica share of costs associated with the R3 Intervention Project will increase by some £3 million.

Serica confirms that it is progressing on schedule towards the drilling of the development well at the UK Columbus gas-condensate development, with operations scheduled to begin in first half of 2021 and with first production planned later in the year. Jackup Maersk Resilient is scheduled to undertake the campaign in a window between March and July. 

Masirah Oil has spudded its second development well at the Yumna Field, Oman, using jackup Shelf Drilling Tenacious. A third development well will be drilled back-to-back with Yumna 2. A wildcat well will also be drilled to evaluate one of the nearby lookalike prospects. The drilling campaign is expected to last for 90 days, after which the rig will be released.

POSCO is preparing to commence drilling with Diamond Offshore semisub Ocean Monarch at the Shwe field, offshore Myanmar. The new campaign will keep the rig busy until 2022, with further options available thereafter.

Pemex has commenced its campaign with semisub Blackford Dolphin offshore Mexico. The SAAP- 1EXP well was scheduled to spud late on Monday. The rig will continue with the operator under a 15-month contract.

According to an application made to the Norwegian authorities, Aker BP may begin work with Deepsea Stavanger as early as April 2021. The operator has applied to use the rig for drilling and completion of a production well and injection well on Gråsel and permanent plug and abandonment of a well at Skarv. The rig already has a contract in place with the operator, covering an initial scope of five wells and lasting for 150 days. The unit is currently en route to Norway from South Africa.

MHWirth AS has received a notice from Keppel FELS to suspend works under the drilling equipment package project for the second mid-water semisub under construction at Keppel FELS (Nordic Spring). The project relates to the main construction contract between Keppel FELS and Awilco Drilling, which was recently terminated. The contract between MHWirth and Keppel FELS was signed in April 2019 and includes rights for the yard to suspend the project including compensation mechanisms in relation thereto. The majority of MHWirth’s scope of supply for the project has been substantially manufactured, with payments received in accordance with progress to date.

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