Equatorial Guinea slats Oil & Gas Projects for 2020

Gabriel Mbega Obiang Lima, Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons of Equatorial

The Board of Directors of the Ministr y of Mines and Hydrocarbons (MMH) of Equatorial Guinea has selected and published the shortlisted key companies for the execution of their reference projects in the framework of the current Investment Year. The decision was made during a meeting held on March 19, 2020. Projects in Equatorial Guinea In Punta Europa, where most of Equatorial Guinea’s gas and energy activities are currently carried out, the country is building a modular refinery, storage tanks and a methanol-based derivatives generation plant. Companies interested in the modular refinery include the US oil company Marathon Oil , the Spanish-Russian consortium Selquimica International specializing in engineering and energy, and the British company Rosslyn Energy. The latter is also interested in the development of the storage tanks, together with the Briti sh co m pany O range Resources Worldwide and the company China Communications Construction Company. In addition, the derivatives methanol project has attracted the interest of South African company Pan African Energy, Nigerian company Bugabi Group and Danish catalysis company Haldor Topsoe.

Second modular refinery project In Kogo, south of the country’s economic capital, Bata, the second Modular Refinery project has attracted the interest of the Egyptian company Petrojet, the British company Rosslyn Energy, the Spanish-Russian consortium Selquimica International, and SDLE International DMCC based in UAE. Meanwhile, South African company Grindstone Resources and Omani company MSS LLC are shortlisted for the gold refinery project and the Minerals Industrial Zone. “Equatorial Guinea has postponed most investment conferences under its 2020 Investment Year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but we continue to work with our team and partners to get all of these projects started as soon as possible. These are benchmark infrastructure development projects that will guarantee the sustainable growth of our hydrocarbon and mineral industry, create jobs and generate income for the State and citizens in the coming decades, ”Gabriel Mbaga Obiang Lima, Minister of Mines and Hydrocarbons said. T he M ini s tr y of M ines and Hydrocarbons (MMH) is still expecting other expressions of interest from additional companies, including Chinese companies as potential investors for these projects as mentioned above.

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