ExxonMobil Reviews Shelf Drilling Jack-Up Contract

ExxonMobil has considered reviewing of Jack-up drilling company Shelf Drilling contract. Shelf Drilling Company is one of the world’s largest jack-up contractors owning to number of its operational fleet size, has recently experienced another rig contract review within a short period.
Dubai Petroleum was the first to cut the length of the Shelf Drilling Company jack-up contract so it will now expire in September 2020 instead of January 2022.
The second termination of the Shelf Drilling BMC 300 IC design Trident XIV jack-up rig contract notification from ExxonMobil was disclosed by the company few weeks after first. The contract end date for the jack-up rig, which is working for ExxonMobil in Nigeria, has been reduced from February 2021 to July 2020.
In as much as no detailed information was given for these unexpected adjustments in drilling contract durations, but industrial watchers are viewing sudden changes are not far from the prevailing global corona virus pandemic prevalently affecting the global crude oil market.

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