FAR Gambia has said that Subsurface studies has continued through the first quarter of 2021 in support of the upcoming drilling of the Bambo-1 well, and more regional work aimed at quantifying resource potential and reducing risk on the additional prospects identified within the A2 and A5 blocks.

 Processing of the seismic data acquired in early 2021 continued during the quarter. Fast-track products (e.g. seismic processed data) are received and currently being used to conduct preliminary interpretation of the area and assist with regional well correlations and interpretation.

The processing is ongoing, including the use of Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) for depth modelling. Further interim products are expected during Q2 2021 with the final data expected to be delivered in Q3 2021. The existing legacy 3D data in the A2 and A5 blocks is also being reprocessed using the same processing workflow to generate a consistent, high quality seismic dataset to evaluate the additional prospects within the area.

The reprocessed data includes ties to nearby wells, which enable correlation of well data to the identified prospect

FAR Gambia has said it has reactivated the Bambo-1 well drilling project with the assistance of Exceed’s wells management team in Aberdeen. Well Planning was carried out during the first quarter of 2021 drilling campaign.

 Detailed geological planning and well design progressed, along with tendering and contract discussions for key services required drilling the well. Most long-lead items for the well have been ordered and received, and the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the project has been approved by the National Environmental Agency in The Gambia. The Bambo-1 well is expected to be drilled later in 2021.


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