Gabon wants to draw inspiration from the models of hydroelectric infrastructure set up in Legnano, a town in Milan, Italy and plan to improve its electricity supply.

For this, a Gabonese delegation accompanied by teachers from the Polytechnic School who collaborated with the architect and engineer on the hydraulic design of the hydroelectric plant  “made in Legnano” , carried out an inspection on November 3 at the mini-hydroelectric power station of Legnano. The Gabonese delegation was talking about “studying”  the model set up in Legnano for the construction of the hydroelectric power station in this commune and which has proved its worth according to the Italian authorities. It is a mechanical device for transforming the potential energy of water into energy installed in Legnano and which has given new life to the Mazzocchi dam via Pontida in Italy.

The “made in Legnano”  hydroelectric power station  is characterized by the screw, a mechanical device for transforming the potential energy of water into energy. This screw, we learn, thanks to its movement can generate a power of 77 kilowatts. “The Archimedean screw turbine, also called the cochlea, is a model to export given the simplicity of construction and management,”  argues Moreover, this plant is connected to a current generator, but which does not pollute the atmosphere, we learn. A model  “which could be replicated in Gabon to solve the problems concerning the distribution of electricity”, underlines the same source. This, in a context where the national energy company is struggling to satisfy the population with electricity, with the result of load shedding recorded several times in recent weeks.

Note that Gabon currently has several hydroelectric dam construction projects in the country to increase its energy capacity. In particular, the KinguéléAval hydroelectric power station construction project. Led by AsonhaÉnergie, a project company 60% and 40% owned respectively by Meridiam and Gabon Power Company (GPC), this hydroelectric power station will supply around 13% of Libreville’s electricity needs, according to the Gabonese authorities.

Other similar projects could be launched over the next three years. These include the construction projects of two new hydroelectric dams (Ngoulmendjim and Dibwangui) whose concession contracts should be signed in the next few months, according to the Gabonese authorities.

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