Gabon Expands It Energy Source Via New Amea Solar Power Plant

Amea Power, a company specializing in the development of thermal and renewable energy projects, plans to build a 50 Megawatt solar power plant in Oyem in the Woleu-Ntem province. We learned in a note from the Ministry of Investment Promotion on February 2.

This project was presented on February 1, 2022 to the Minister of Investment Promotion Carmen Ndaot, by a delegation from AMEA Power, led by its Chairman and CEO, Hussain Al Nowais. But, for the moment, we do not yet have the details of this solar project. Even less, the modalities of its implementation.

All the same, we learn, this plant, once built, will increase supply in order to meet the demand of industries and households, particularly in the Woleu-Ntem and Ogooué-Ivindo regions.

The construction of the Oyem plant is also a materialization of the ambition of the Gabonese authorities to diversify the sources of energy production by favoring the use of renewable energies. This will make it possible to reduce diesel consumption in a context where Gabon wants to use gas and solar power more for the production of electrical energy.

This is one of the objectives of the “zero diesel” program underway in Gabon. It provides for the construction of several solar power plants in the country. In particular, the hybrid solar power plant of Ndjolé, the solar power plants of Booué, Ovan, Mékambo, Medouneu, Bitam, Minvoul and Makokou.

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