Gabon hikes its daily Butane gas production by 15%-PAT

According to Transformation Acceleration Plan (PAT), butane gasproduction in Gabon has increased by 15% since the reinforcement of the storage capacity of the Gabonese Company for the Storage of Petroleum Products (SGEPP).

The return to service of the 2,000 m LPG sphere3 at the end of the requalification work and the revamping of the LPG filling center since August 2021 have made it possible to increase the autonomy to 8 days, until May 31, 2022, against 5 days, and to increase the daily production of butane gas from 130 tons (or 10,400 bottles) in 12 hours to more than 200 tons (or 16,000 bottles) in 10 hours”, informs a note from the services of the PAT.

However, this improvement does not meet the ever-increasing local demand for butane gas. According to the services of the PAT, the construction of the Moanda Filling Centre currently under way will strengthen Gabon’s domestic gas supply. 

“The acquisition of the mini-filling center in Moanda will promote the absorption of the deficit of 4800 tons of butane gas per year in the provinces of Haut-Ogooué and Ogooué-Lolo, or about 1300 bottles per day. Thus, this device, which will be operational before the end of the first half of 2022, will have a strong social impact on households and industrialists in the provinces concerned,” explains the PAT.

The construction and commissioning of the Batanga domestic gas production plant in Ogooué-Maritime province will further replenish Gabon’s supply. The project led by Perenco relies on an additional capacity of 10,000 tons of butane gas per year. This will help reduce butane gas imports to Gabon.

Despite its gas potential, Gabon imports about 90% of the butane gas consumed in households. A trend that the country wants to reverse by 2023 as provided for in the Plan to accelerate the transformation of the Gabonese economy.


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