Gabon To Increase LPG Production To 50% In The First Half Of 2023

According to information from the Perenco company, the Batanga plant, in the Ogooué-Maritime province, will produce 15,000 tonnes of LPG (domestic gas) per year from the 1st half of 2023, intended for the Gabonese market to reduce the country’s imports (by more than 50%).

“-+This production plant will develop an integrated system comprising the production of LPG from the gas from the network that we operate, storage and export to local consumers. The construction of the equipment has begun, this represents approximately 1,200 tons of steel which will be installed on an area of ​​20,000 square meters!  “says the company. She specifies that export abroad will start in 2026.

For the moment, Gabon, which only produces 20% of its national consumption, imports a large quantity to fill the gap, despite its gas potential. Indeed, according to the general management of the French treasury, Gabon holds proven natural gas reserves of 28.3 billion cubic meters, mainly in the form of associated gas. These gas resources are currently exploited by the French company Perenco from two deposits, Ganga and Ozangue.

The construction of the Bitanga plant is part of the Transformation Acceleration Plan (PAT) which has placed the optimization of domestic gas production among its priorities. In this context, the gas strategy put in place by the Gabonese authorities also aims to ensure its autonomy in terms of consumption of this product for households

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