Green Energy Gets 40 MW Power Generation Licence

The Nigerian power sector regulator- Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has granted Green Energy International Ltd (GEIL), the Operator of the Otakikpo Marginal field an embedded Licence for forty Megawatts of electricity(40 MW) power plant.This is sequel to the company’s application for the power generation Licence for the company to utilize it’s gas resources for power generation as part of its commitment to the Federal Government to use the gas from the field for power and domestic gas projects. The company which had earlier on secured a generation Licence for 12 MW increased its projected power generation capacity to 40 MW following the increase in associated gas that will be produced from enhanced oil production during the second phase of the Otakikpo field. In addition to providing electricity for company’s field power requirements and access to electricity for the Host communities (Ikuru town, Asuama Ayama Ekede,Ugama Ekede and Asu Oyet ,the 40MW power plant will provide power to the Otakikpo Industrial Park which will be sited in Ikuru town in Andoni local government, Rivers State being promoted by Atlantic Industrial Park Limited. Some of the committed projects to be located at Industrial Park include an Onshore Oil Terminal, 5000bpd modular refinery and a mini LNG plant to serve the domestic market. The Chairman of the company Prof Anthony Adegbulugbe expressed gratitude to the NERC for approving the Licence, saying it underscored the government’s determination to increase access to power for economic development of the Niger Delta. He said the company had already on site 6 MW electric power plant undergoing installation under the first phase of the small-scale gas utilization program(SSGUP). The 6MW will be commissioned Q3 2019, while the 40MW will come on-stream by Q2 2020. He also disclosed that the 12mmscfd gas processing plant for which the approval to construct ( APC) was received from the Federal Government inQ4 of 2018 is currently undergoing FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) at the manufacturing facilities of the Chinese company -Peiyang Chemical Equipment Co. Ltd (PCC), the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The LPG extraction plant will be operative in Q4 2019 thereby increasing the source of LPG to the local market.


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