Nigeria Oil Discovery Goes North

The search of Oil and Gas in the frontier basins of Nigeria has been on for decade now and discovering of this world essential commodity in the northern region of the country has been seen as a tall order despite enormous huge resources embedded in the search. The inability to discover oil and gas in commercial quantity despite million of dollar invested so far has been a source of worries to all stakeholders. Unlike the southern region of the country, oil discoveries have been seen by most energy investors as prevalence to return of investment which financial risk factor is highly minimal. This monolithic economic provision of the south via its massive oil and gas deposits has even being perceived by the people of that region as a goose that lay the golden egg while the accrue benefit from the largesse serves the universal set of the entire country. In order to bring this major economic source across the board, an assiduous effort in search of oil and gas in the frontier basins of the Nigeria northern region has been serious commitment and priority of every successive government in Nigeria. The recent discovering of hydrocarbon deposits in a commercial quantity in the kolmari River-11 well on the upper Benue through, Gongola Basin in the north eastern part of the country is seen as a very welcomed development in bridging this gap of tilted economic source of revenue for the country. Drilling activities in kolmari River-11 is expected to last for sixty days, according to the drilling contractor Etihad Oilfield, whose company is heading the drilling operations in the kolmari river-11 well. The Kolmari River- 11 well is drilled by Ikenga Rig 101 owned by the drilling contractors Etihad Oilfield Services and Drillog Petro-dynamics . According to the Executive Officer Etihad Oilfield Abdurahman Bashir during the flag off the of Kolmari River-11 spud by the Nigeria President, Mohammadu Buhari; “We are drillers and normally its takes us 60 days to a drill a well. In 60 days you can come back and get feedback from NNPC “Mr. Bashir stated. In the areas of his company’s indigenous competence, Mr. Bashir stated the fact that the company is an indigenous company but with global expertise. “We have only three expatriates here not like before when 50 percent have to be expatriates on the rig. Most of the engineers on ground are Nigerians’ He posited. Based on the dimensional seismic and other subsurface reviews and studies that were obtained from nations Oil & Gas company NNPC, the Kolmari River –11 well drilling depth is expected to be 14,500 feet.

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