Nigeria Oil & Gas Strategic Conference

Serving the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry for 20 Years

The Meeting Place for the Nigerian and International Oil & Gas Industry for Over 20 Years

The 20th Nigerian Oil & Gas Conference & International Exhibition took place in person at the International Conference Centre, Abuja from the 5-8th of July 2021. The event had over 90 technical and strategic conference speakers20 sponsors, over 70 exhibitors, and well over 1300 industry attendees from across the global oil & gas industry. During this year’s NOG Conference, delegates attended over 8 sessions of informative industry policy discussions and they had the opportunity to enjoy over 10 hours of unrivalled networking.

Serving the Nigerian oil and gas industry for over 20 years, NOG 2022 will focus on the strategies that will be employed by the Nigerian government and private sector leaders to navigate the emerging business environment – helping to set the nation’s energy agenda for the next 12 months and beyond.

At dmg Nigeria events we are working closely with all stakeholders and local partners to ensure a safe and secure in-person event on 4 -7 July 2022, and we are looking forward to reconvening the 21st Nigeria Oil and Gas Conference & Exhibition.


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