PETAN Facilitation On Dangote Refinery Opening

The Executive Board and Members of the Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria (PETAN) joins millions of Nigerians and the rest of Africa in lauding the commissioning of the Dangote Refinery, which has brought us closer to becoming the Energy Hub of Africa.

It is indeed a remarkable time in our national life, and PETAN is sure that the massive multi-billion-dollar investment will catalyze the development of not only the energy and linkage sectors, but revolutionize the Industrialization of Nigeria and Africa. This was echoed during the impressive facility tour which PETAN organised for visiting African oil & gas dignitaries during SAIPEC in February 2023.

As a key player in the global energy sector, PETAN is particularly proud of the opportunities that the operational phase is envisaged for direct and indirect employment of Nigerians, and a higher level of local content participation especially now that the construction phase is confined to history.

PETAN also believes that the greater participation and expertise of indigenous technical service providers in the Nigerian energy, oil and gas sectors will deepen local content participation at the refinery’s operational and maintenance levels, and ensure its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.

With decades of experience across the entire value chain, which has attracted both national and international recognition and honors, PETAN wishes to reiterate our commitment to preserving the legacy of the Dangote Refinery and other critical energy infrastructure in the country and region in fulfilment of our efforts to keep bridging the energy poverty gap that Nigerians and the region have grappled with for decades.


Nicolas C. OdinuwePETAN Chairman

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