PGS has added over 4 200 sq. km of 3D data to its regional MegaSurvey dataset over Block 33 in the deepwater Lower Congo Basin. The additional 4 238 sq. km of 3D data released by PGS in partnership with ANPG covers open acreage that is available for direct award from ANPG through its Permanent Offer regime.  Total coverage of the Angola MegaSurvey dataset now stands at over 49 500 sq. km.

The data extension covers the majority of Block 33, which is located outboard and south of the prolific blocks 17 and 32. Combined these currently produce around 550 000 barrels of oil per day from post-salt Oligo-Miocene plays.  Block 33 contains just six well penetrations, which have yielded two Oligo-Miocene oil discoveries, and is highly underexplored in comparison to the neighboring acreage.

Targeting the Deeper Stratigraphy

No well in the deepwater Lower Congo Basin has yet penetrated the pre-salt megasequence and few wells have tested the post-salt Cretaceous section.  One such test of the Cretaceous post-salt, however, has proven excellent source rocks with high oil potential in the Lower Albian aged stratigraphy on Block 33.  Upper Cretaceous-aged reservoirs are highly productive in the shelfal areas of the Lower Congo Basin and could be meaningful exploration targets in the outboard.  Block 33, located on the flank of the main Congo Fan depocenter, is a favorable area for these deeper targets. Here overburden is less, and seismic imaging challenges are fewer due to reduced halokinesis of the Loeme Formation salt.

Permanent Offer Coverage

The Angola MegaSurvey also provides 3D data coverage over neighboring Permanent Offer blocks 32 and 34, where the same plays can be targeted.  The regional Angola MegaSurvey provides the means to evaluate these open blocks in a cost-effective manner utilizing a consistent, amplitude and phase-balanced dataset.

The Angolan continental margin hosts significant proven reserves as well as untapped potential. PGS seismic data and geoscience studies provide a solid foundation to build a regional understanding of the hydrocarbon potential, by unraveling and derisking both pre- and postsalt prospectivity.


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