Pipetech Invests in innovative Pipeline Technology

A LEADING Aberdeenshire flow remediation company is gearing up for a busy 2024 following the addition of a £150,000 innovation to its portfolio.

Oldmeldrum-based Pipetech have designed and patented an innovative new pipe and process sealing system to complement their existing market-leading Aqua Milling technology which can reach up to 600m in a straight line and negotiate multiple bends from a single entry point. The new Tool for Pressurised Systems (TPS) has been specifically designed to work in conjunction with Aqua Milling to clean and remove foreign materials from the internals of energy production systems helping operators maximize flow path efficiency and increasing energy production output.

Crucially, the specialist system can open and close to accommodate the entry of the hose delivered Aqua Milling while still maintaining a pressure seal enabling Pipetech to enter a process system which has the potential to release pressure. The TPS allows operators to safely continue energy production operations without the requirement to shut down or add additional isolations for instance subsea, which typically requires a costly vessel intervention.

The technology has been successfully tried and tested by a multinational tier one operator in the UKCS and, currently, a total of seven riser systems are planned for online remediation over the next 18 months.

Commenting on the news, Pipetech Operations Director Leonard Hamill said: “By working closely with our client base, we are able to evolve our suite of products and services in line with their needs which is to maximise production by increasing flow using our flagship cleaning technology yet minimise impact on day-to-day operations.”

Business Development Manager Gavin Booth added: “We are pleased that the new TPS system is already opening up increased opportunities with existing clients, as well as bringing new enquiries to the table and we are looking forward to another busy year ahead at Pipetech.”

Over more than 20 years, Pipetech has built up an enviable track record of success in removing naturally forming blockages such as scales, waxes and corrosion from the internals of oil and gas processing systems. Utilising specialist technologies across topside, subsea and downhole applications Pipetech can maximise production by ensuring full flow path efficiency, whilst minimising downtime and negating the requirement for harsh environmentally damaging chemicals.

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