RusselSmith, one of Nigeria’s foremost Asset Integrity Management Service providers in the Oil & Gas Industry, has wrapped up an extensive offshore structural assessment project for a major operator in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region. The project scope included the structural assessment of the topside and subsea sections of multiple production platforms, and the inspection of a 45km buried subsea pipeline.The project was carried out using various advanced technologies, including some new solutions which RusselSmith recently introduced to the Nigerian market such as the non-contact method for inspecting and determining the integrity of buried pipelines without excavation, which can be deployed onshore and subsea. Speaking on the successful completion of the project, Kayode Adeleke, CEO of RusselSmith, said: “We are pleased to have completed this project Oriental Energy Limited (OERL), has confirmed oil There are a lot of aging oilfield assets in Nigeria which are nearing then end of their design lives. There is a lot of interest in extending the service lives of such assets, especially at a time when the industry is looking for more cost-effective ways to continue producing effectively, longer and safer. It is important to ensure that these aging assets are properly assessed to determine whether they are safe and fit for continued operations. RusselSmith has a combination of great people, disciplined processes and innovative technologies. We are well-positioned to deliver effective solutions in the Oil & Gas Industry, and we intend to keep improving our technical capabilities – especially in SubseaIMR, to deliver more value to our customers”. successfully. We were able to provide the customer with valuable insight into the condition of the assets, which will help with proactive lifetime extension efforts.


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