The decade of gas utilization agenda of President Mohammadu Buhari took presiding focus at the just concluded Sub-Sahara Africa International Petroleum Conference and Exhibition 2023 edition held at Eko Conventional Center, Lagos Nigeria featuring Oilserv Boss; Engr. Dr. Emeka Okwuosa a member of the panelists amongst other Africa energy stakeholders from Uganda, Ghana, Senegal and South Sudan.

Highlighting the importance of natural gas to Nigeria economy in particular and Africa as a whole, The special section dissected how far Africa has so far progresses on the decade of gas utilization target, how cross border and unilateral partnerships play a key role in unlocking Africa’s Gas, the technologies available to develop the resources speedily, and finally the finance availability for international and independent companies in unlocking this potential natural asset.

Engr. Emeka Okwuosa took turns in highlighting the genesis of Nigeria natural gas reserves, its exploration and distribution to date with in-depth emphasis of critical roles played by and still playing by Oilserv Limited in seeing energy poverty being witness in Africa as about 600 million Africans lack access to power.

“Nigeria has above 200tcf of estimated natural gas reserves, but let’s be sure that today we still don’t know exactly what we have,  because we have not diligently explore our non-associated gas reserves to the extend we can say this is exactly what we have as we will definitely have more than this.

“But we cannot talk about energy utilization without an emphasis on transportation and delivery of source to point of need. Gas infrastructural development is not only critical but it’s not  an easy subject to deal with because you need to match demand and supply and also to make sure that its commercially viable,” Engr. Okwuosa, CEO Oilserv posited.

According to Engr. Dr. Okwuosa, OILSERV has played a major role in the development of gas infrastructure in Africa such as the Greater Lagos Gas distribution project which changed the gas distribution narrative in Nigeria. He also emphasized on the need for Virtual pipelines, OB3 Project, the on-going AKK project and many more.

“We have built several systems in Nigeria. Which include a few pipelines for Shell in early 2000, but the most significant that changed the equation of utilization chain in Nigeria is Greater Lagos Gas Distribution,”  Engr Okwuosa stated.

On the Lagos Gas Distribution System, he narrated the prominence of Oilserv through the project phase execution starting from the phase one to phase four between 2001 to 2015 and this singular feat was able to move gas from Lagos city gate to Ilupeju and Ikeja clusters which is the category four pipeline project.

Category four pipelines according to Engr. Emeka Okwuosa is difficult project owing to terrain of pipeline right of way maneuvering hills and non-infrastructural areas but Oilserv level of expertise was able to maneuver gas through this difficult terrain down to delivery of gas to Ikorodu, Igumu where industries like Nigeria Brewery on that axis were able to have gas supply.

Furthering this gas distribution feat, Oilserv was able pushed gas supply network down to Ijora, Tinca Island and Amuwo Odofi where a system clusters are built covering all the industries interloping back to Ikeja. This unprecedented achievement has made Lagos typical example of gas utilization hub.

“So Lagos is booming today surely because there is gas in Lagos and industries are located in Lagos and that is typical example of gas utilization,” Engr. Dr. Okwuosa stated.

Oilserv boss also took time to expatiate on Nigeria Gas Master Plan which is the brain child of gas distribution system in Nigeria linking production gas well to utilization points. The Nigeria Gas Master Plan (NGMP) is a comprehensive gas pipelines package designed to address growth in the domestic gas market, supply challenges to ensure availability, affordability for users, infrastructure development, long-term supply security, as well as robust legal, regulatory, and fiscal policies that will all combine to enable the country’s energy foreseeable future.

“The back bone reason for NGMP is to move gas via pipelines that run from Escravos to Lagos in one part and South to North gas pipeline through Obigbo, Ajaokuta all the way to Abuja, Kaduna and down to Kano. Then an interlink that goes to Obiefu-Obirikon-Oben that’s OB3 and eventually interlinking Umuahia in Abia State,”  Engr. Okwuosa highlighted.

“We built OB3 and commissioned it in 2020 and that included 2billion standard cubic of gas treatment plant which is biggest treatment plant in Africa, and we are currently building  a section of AKK which is segment one from Ajaokuta through Abuja down to Kaduna State,” Engr. Okwuosa concluded.

He further call for need of virtual pipeline in Nigeria to consolidate the nation’s gas requirement and this include: CNG, LNG and OB3 which he said will make a lot of difference It was a very rich and insightful session moderated by Mr. Victor Okoronkwo, Group MD, Aiteo Group.

Oilserv as an entity has commended Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria (PETAN) for bringing together key industry and Energy players across Africa together to discuss and proffer tangible solutions that will help Africa harness gas as a cleaner source of Energy now global net-zero emission is on the focus and Africa abundant Natural gas will not be left out.


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