Sasol an international integrated chemicals and energy company with presence in 31 countries has given up its exploration license in Blocks 16 & 19 offshore Mozambique. This was sequel to an evaluation of the exploration potential of the blocks and an assessment of the report of the pre-feasibility phase of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Sasol was awarded Blocks 16 & 19 in June 2005, and in November 2006 welcomed the Mozambican Ministry for the Coordination of Environmental Affairs’s conditional approval of an independent environmental impact assessment (EIA) report. This allowed Sasol to explore for hydrocarbons (such as gas) in an area covering approximately 10 000 square kilometres off the Mozambican coast.

 According to Sasol, since that time, they have conducted deep-water exploration activities in the license areas in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. But with the relinquishment of the deep-water part of the license on 1 July 2013, the shallow water area of the license was retained with a view to define a future work programme to assess the remaining hydrocarbon potential.

“Understanding and appreciating the environmental sensitivity of the area, Sasol undertook a robust and transparent pre-feasibility assessment through Golder & Associates, an independent, reputable environmental specialist consulting firm, prior to any exploration activity. This process involved consultation with all relevant stakeholders, from government, on all levels, industry, such as tourism and fisheries, to academia.” It stated.

‘”Sasol acknowledges all the comments received during the pre-feasibility phase of the EIA process and values the input that all stakeholders contributed.  Sasol will relinquish Blocks 16 & 19 in their entirety to the Government of Mozambique. A withdrawal notification has been issued to the relevant Mozambican authorities.” The company further expressed.

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