Senegal Extends 2020 Licence Round

The Senegal Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has announced an extension to the deadline for submission of applications until 17:00 (GMT) on Sunday 30th may 2021.The Licensing Round is the second international competitive bidding round arranged by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in Senegal.

There has been a significant increase in oil and gas activities in Senegal in recent years, and multi-client 2D and 3D acquisitions within the promoted areas indicate that these levels of activity are warranted. 

The Senegal Licensing Round was officially declared open on Friday 31st January 2020 and application process was expected to remain valid for a period of six months no later than 17:00 (GMT) on Tuesday 15th December 2020.

The reasons for the extension of the licensing round closing date are not far from the prevailing slide in the global crude oil price and recent upsurge of corona virus infection rate. Most major oil and gas projects have been delayed if not cancelled as a result of these ugly developments.

About Twelve (12) blocks will be available for licensing in the MSGBC Basin off Senegal and summary of the regional geology and petroleum prospectivity of the blocks on offer is provided, based on the technical studies undertaken by PETROSEN and its partners. There are feasible utilising some of the regional multi-client seismic data available. Information regarding multi-client data available is also included, with contact information for the main seismic contractors.

The promoted zones are offshore the Republic of Senegal, in a large area bordered by Mauritania in the North, Guinea Bissau in the south and Cape Verde in the west. The Republic of The Gambia occupies a narrow band separating Senegal into two regions.

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