Shell: Our Next Generation Lubricant Is Now Carbon Neutral

When it comes to choosing the right product for your vehicle, we know that sustainability and the environment play an increasingly important role in decision making. Consumers around the world now expect brands to offer sustainable products, with 74% citing environmental concerns**. At Shell, we want to help you make the best choice – one that is good for your car and helps lower emissions.

That’s why we’ve collaborated with our long-term partner, Hyundai Motor Company, to launch a new range of Shell Helix Ultra AH 0W carbon neutral* lubricants – high performance, carbon neutral lubricants, and the latest in Shell’s evolving portfolio of lower emission products and services. Shell Helix Ultra AH 0W carbon neutral not only delivers the ultra-high performance that you have come to expect, it’s also energy efficient, producing lower emissions, thanks to the amount of COthat is avoided for every 1 litre of fuel saved***. But that’s just one of the benefits to the environment. We follow a three-step process to make this product carbon neutral.


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