The 8th Edition Of The Africa Petroleum Congress And Exhibition

The 8th Edition Of The Africa Petroleum Congress And Exhibition

Luanda, Angola Feb 23, 2022  –  The  African Petroleum Producers Organisation (APPO)  will hold the eighth edition of the Africa  Petroleum Congress and Exhibition (CAPE VIII) from 16-19 May

2022 in Luanda, Angola. The congress is organised by APPO, the government of the Republic of Angola (for the first time), and AME Trade.  It is a gathering of national, regional, and international energy, oil, and gas industry experts deliberating on the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition and the future of the oil and gas industry in Africa. CAPE VIII is designed primarily to promote and support investment in the oil and gas sector in Africa, as well as reflect on the orientations given by senior political leaders in charge of this sector.

After 18 years of its organization, CAPE is now reputed as the largest and the most influential oil and gas event in Africa that seeks to provide investors the opportunity to have deeper information and knowledge of the strategic direction of the oil and gas industry in Africa. It is a must-attend conference and the only full stream policy, business, and networking platform for member countries of APPO.  CAPE VIII will assemble public and private sector decision-makers, professionals, and industry operators at the national, regional, and international levels to discuss contemporary developments in Africa’s energy,  oil and gas  industries.  The previous edition CAPE VI was organized in  Abuja, Nigeria in 2016 and attracted 47 high-level speakers from five continents, 470 participants from 37 countries, 55 Exhibitors, and 13 sponsors.

The theme of CAPE VIII is “Energy Transition: Challenges and Opportunities in the  African Oil and Gas Industry” The following are some  of the sub-themes to be discussed:

•   The impact of COP-26 and Energy Transition on the Future of the Oil and Gas Industry in


•   African Local Content Development.

•    Upstream & downstream sectors updates and value addition through Local Content.

•     Successful partnerships in Africa’s Oil and Gas sector: NOCs perspectives in cross  border infrastructure.

•    Development of the African Petroleum  Market.

•    Opportunities in refining and petrochemical processing.

•   Funding for Oil and Gas sector: Positioning of AEICORP.

Keynote speakers at the conference will include the Minister of Mineral Resources, Petroleum and Gas of Angola, the host country, the Secretary-General of APPO,  other high-level dignitaries  and delegates from member  countries  of APPO as well as resource persons from reputable regional and international  institutions within and outside  the energy,  oil and gas  industries.

All the Ministers of energy, oil and gas  ministries and senior officials of National Oil Companies in member  countries  of APPO will be attending  the conference, thereby creating  opportunities for delegates and conference participants to have direct interaction and first-hand information about investment opportunities in the national industry from policy and decision-makers. Interested participants are encouraged to visit the event website  to get more information about the conference, how to participate and for more understanding about the event.


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