The Mozambique LNG Project operated by Total E&P Mozambique Area 1 (TEPMA1), and the Government of Mozambique, announce that the Project will progressively resume construction activities at the Afungi site, following the implementation of additional site security measures.

After the security events that occurred in December 2020 near the Mozambique LNG project site and led to the temporary demobilization of the project workforce, Total and the Government of Mozambique have worked together to define and implement an action plan with the objective  of reinforcing, in a sustained manner, the security of the Afungi site and of the surrounding area and neighboring villages.

The Government of Mozambique has declared the area within a 25 km perimeter surrounding the Mozambique LNG Project as a special security area. A comprehensive roadmap, including the reinforcement of the security infrastructure and the strengthening of the public security forces has been defined and implemented, allowing a gradual remobilization of the project workforce and the resumption of LNG plant construction activities as well as community development programs carried out by the project.

The control of the special security area around the Afungi site remains ensured exclusively by public security forces assigned by the Mozambican Ministries of Defense and Interior, under a Memorandum of Understanding signed in July 2020 between the Government of Mozambique and TEPMA1. The Government of Mozambique is committed that the personnel assigned to the protection of Mozambique LNG shall act according to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) and international human rights standards. The Mozambique LNG Project, which is in charge of the security of the construction site itself, does not use the services of any armed private security providers.

Moreover, Total announces that Mozambique LNG has satisfied all the conditions precedent and complied with all relevant statutory requirements for the first debt drawdown of the project financing signed on 15th July 2020 with  eight export credit agencies, 19 commercial banks and the African Development Bank. This first drawdown will take place at the beginning of April 2021.

Total also confirms its objective to deliver Mozambique LNG’s first cargoes in 2024. 

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Total E&P Mozambique Area 1 Limitada, a wholly owned subsidiary of Total SE, operates Mozambique LNG with a 26.5% participating interest alongside ENH Rovuma Área Um, S.A. (15%), Mitsui E&P Mozambique Area1 Limited (20%), ONGC Videsh Rovuma Limited (10%), Beas Rovuma Energy Mozambique Limited (10%), BPRL Ventures Mozambique B.V. (10%), and PTTEP Mozambique Area 1 Limited (8.5%).

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