TotalEnergies has recently underlined its current drilling and operational activities projects in the Nigeria oil and gas sector. The company has disclosed these plans during just concluded Nigeria Oil & Gas Opportunities Fair NOGOF organized by the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board NCDMB in Bayelsa State.

Making the disclosure at the event is the Executive Director, JV Assets, TotalEnergies, Mr. Obi Imemba, representing The Managing Director of TotalEnergies EP Nigeria Limited, Mr Mike Sangster took time to narrow down the onshore business opportunity currently available at the company which basically include the UBETA project.

According Mr Imemba the deep water operations of the company which is the Preowei in OML 130 of which FEED was started before COVID and suspended because of the effect of the pandemic is currently on course via renewal of license discussion.

“In the deep water area today we have the Preowei project that the FEED started before the COVID and was suspended because COVID and after COVID we have license renewal discussions for that block of OML 130. This has just been resolved and we are about to continue the FEED of that project.

And we expect that once the FEED is finished we should be able to have the Call For Tender (CFT) and we will be able to launch the project as required.,” Mr Imemba stated. 

Numerating further opportunities presently in TotalEnergies the Executive Director highlighted project the company is jointly executing with the joint venture partners.

“On the JV side today at the offshore we have an exploration activity program going on today in Ofon area. Ofon is huge oilfield and we have an extension project that was finished in 2016 and we have still a lot of resources around that area so we are maximizing the recovering of those resources by undertaking some exploration projects. We drilled one well as we speak and we are going to drill second well this year and if those recoveries are successful we are going to launch the project as quickly as possible,” He posited.

On the onshore opportunity angle is UBETA project which he described as a very simple project of an oilfield which was discovered in the 1970s that have not been developed and last undeveloped block the OML 58.

“It is a gas-condensate field that is comprised of six wells to drilled and we going to export about 10 million standard cubic metre gas which about 350million scf per day and its going to serve NLNG and some part will go domestic market,” He said.

“The status today is the we have site survey completed, basic engineering completed and we have detail engineering on-going with NETCO in Lagos and preparation for CFT is also completed and in the next few weeks we should  have adverts in the newspapers, and site preparation activities will commence subsequently and looking at FID in first quarter of 2024 and first gas in end of 2026 ,” Mr. Obi Imemba posited.

On energy transition, TotalEnergies said that they must embrace climate sustainability principles in pursuit of global emission compliance in all the projects and companies doing any contract with the company are expected key in with company’s energy transition policy. The Executive Director, JV Assets, TotalEnergies, Mr. Obi Imemba further highlighted that the TotalEnergies Local Content policy is uncompromised as the projects procurement, fabrication and installation should be 100% reserved for local companies.


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