Tullow Targets 90% Local Content Participatory Activities in Ghana

As the operator of Ghana’s two main oil fields – Jubilee and TEN Fields with equity interests of 39.0% and to 54.8% respectively – Tullow Oil has onerous responsibility to harness the oil and gas resources available to the country safely and efficiently and maximise the benefits for local people, communities, and all stakeholders.

Nearly twenty years of oil discovery in Ghana, the company has been empowering and developing local content in the sector as an integral part of its business. Currently, over 75% of Tullow workforce is Ghanaians and there is current plan to exceed this figure to above 90% margin in the next five years.

This singular feat enablement is not limited to lower cadre of workforce, but cuts across both senior leadership and management levels in Tullow workforce; culminating to the appointment of Ghana first female Deputy Managing Director of the company.

Last year, Tullow Ghana spent 96% of its expenditure on both local and joint-venture companies in Ghana. This translated into a total of $220 million in contract value for indigenous entities and $317 million on joint-venture companies.

With over 200 suppliers in its data base, The Company has being focusing on these local suppliers in ensuring that they have the best opportunities to succeed in the industry. The key to this success is the yearly ‘Closing the Gap workshop’ Tullow organise for suppliers, in partnership with the Petroleum Commission and Tullow Business Academy that provides training for local companies and entrepreneurs in the industry.


In addition to the above enablement, Tullow also hold a quarterly Supplier Market Day event to strengthen engagements and forge strong bonds with our many local suppliers and vendors. In 2023, in partnership with the Petroleum Commission, Tullow has delivered six training workshops through the Business Academy, and also completed four Supplier Market Day events.

The first edition of the Supplier Market Day for 2024 was recently held in Accra, bringing together more than 165 local suppliers to engage on topics including the role of digitisation in supply chain management and the impact of technology transfer on local businesses.  

“Local content is at the heart of our operations as a progressive business in West Africa. We believe that a country’s hydrocarbons must be a platform for socio-economic development and transformation, and we recognise that strong collaboration and partnership is necessary to advance the success of the industry in the decades to come.

“Programmes like this are, therefore, platforms for us to renew our commitment to you, show that we recognise your importance, and also advance our contribution to local content development in the sector.” – Cynthia Lumor, Ghana Deputy Managing Director

For close to two decades since oil discovery in Ghana, Tullow Oil has delivered on it promise to ensure local companies, professionals, and other resource entities, get a fair share at the table of contracts, training, employment, leadership and other significant activities in the oil and gas sector.

Gross oil production from the Jubilee field averaged 83.4 kbopd (32.5 kbopd net) in 2023. Gross oil production from the TEN fields averaged 18.4 kbopd (net: 10.1 kbopd) during 2023. The start-up of production from the Jubilee South East project in July 2023 was a landmark event, marking a step change in the field’s production with average daily rates c.30% higher in the second half of the year compared to the first half with rates reaching levels over 100 kbopd.

Five new Jubilee wells (three producers and two water injectors) are scheduled to come onstream in 2024. Net gas production in Ghana averaged 6.4 kboepd in 2023 and marked the first commercialisation of associated gas from the Jubilee field.

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