Recent report has shown that the Tunisia domestic crude oil production went up 18% increase late in March 2021, to 491,000 tonnes (kt), about 3.6million barrels per day (mbd) reads the March 2021 report of to the monthly energy situation report released by the National Observatory of Energy and Mines Observatory (French: ONEM).

According to the observatory, the contribution of Halk el Manzel, which has just entered production in January 2021 and Nawara’s offset lower production recorded in several fields, namely: Gherib (-80%), Hasdrubal (-23%), Franig / bag // Tarfa (-18), Cherouq (-9%) and Cercina (-10%).

Other fields also saw impoved production, namely Ashtart (+ 23%), El Hajeb / Guebiba (+ 40%), Barka (+ 25%) and Adam (+ 12%). According to the report, the daily average of oil production rose from 35.8 thousand barrels / d at the end of March 2020,  to 42 thousand barrels / d late in March 2021.

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