Unveiling Halliburton’s Selective New Technologies in 2024

Halliburton introduced Reservoir Xaminer™, a formation testing service designed to provide precise formation pressure measurements and representative samples of the reservoir fluid in less time. Reservoir Xaminer service is designed to provide fast, high-quality, and customized data, even in the toughest conditions. It features an innovative technological advancement in the enhanced probe section with dual quartz pressure sensors. Additionally, the service provides real-time monitoring, larger area dual probes, and high-strength straddle packers. This gives operators the ability to test their formations more quickly and accurately.

Halliburton added the CorrosaLock™ cement system to its growing carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) portfolio. The CorrosaLock cement system, which is designed for CO2 storage, is a composite of Portland-based cement and Halliburton’s proprietary WellLock® resin system. The incorporation of resin generates a film on the composite surface that creates a coating effect that aids in bonding. Resin also reduces the system’s effective porosity and forms an adhesive layer to help protect cement from CO2 degradation. The result is enhanced cement sheath elasticity and shear bond strength that allows the barrier to better withstand downhole forces during cyclic injection and provides increased anchoring force to the formation when compared to conventional cement systems. The CorrosaLock system joins the WellLock resin system, ThermaLock™ cement, and CorrosaCem™ cement system as part of Halliburton’s advanced CCUS portfolio.

Halliburton added the SuperFill™ II diverter to its SuperFill™ surge reduction equipment portfolio. The SuperFill II diverter redirects fluid flow to minimize frictional pressure loss through the length of the landing string, which enhances the benefits of the auto-fill float equipment. The innovative operating glass seat provides an open internal flow path with no restrictions once the diverter is closed. The SuperFill II diverter is compatible with the industry’s liner and subsurface release plug systems. The versatility of this feature ensures increased efficiency throughout the entire operational spectrum, from running casing to total depth, to the release of the cementing wiper plugs, to the installation of the liner.

Halliburton Labs announced Pulakesh Mukherjee, a Partner at Imperative Ventures, joined its advisory board. Mr. Mukherjee brings extensive experience in energy systems, innovation, and venture capital to support Halliburton Labs’ collaborative environment where entrepreneurs, academics, investors, and experienced practitioners advance the future of energy faster.

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